Sunday17 October 2021
Marketing and Customer Service Department
This department is responsible for canvassing cargo and holding negotiation with all customers; forwarders; making sale policies through the network of agencies and offices all around the world based on specific requirements of each region.
This division is also responsible for following up and providing all customer services subsequent to negotiations on rate determination on delivery of cargo at final destination and getting feedbacks of customers after service providing.
All customers can communicate with the concerned divisions via their direct E-mail addresses or network of the offices and agencies as follows: for any rate enquiries from North China; Shanghai, Dalian, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin and Lianyungang to all destinations in Hafez Darya Arya network of services. for any rate enquiries from South China;
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Kaosiung to all destinations in Hafez Darya Arya network of services. for any rate enquiries from South East Asia and Persian Gulf ports to all destinations in Hafez Darya Arya network of services. for any rate enquiries from Korea/ Indian sub-continent/ Pakistan to all destinations in HDS Lines network of services. for any rate enquiries from East Mediterranean ports, Istanbul and Venezuela to all destinations in Hafez Darya Arya’s network of services. It’s also responsible for receiving any feedback about services and visiting
our valuable customers in their place to meet their requirements and respond to their valuable feedbacks
Container Operation Department
This department is in charge of Empty Equipment Allocation and Supply, Utilization of containers, control and track of containers in all sectors in which Hafez Darya Arya is offering container services, container repair and maintenance, Container Drop off Procedure, Container Demurrage, Container Insurance/ Claims and conclusion or extension terminal/depot contracts. Container Supply Affair of Hafez Darya Arya has currently stock of over 240,000 TEU containers of various sizes and types in operation all over the world and has no restriction to supply the customers’ container requirements at places of needs.
Financial Department
Hafez Darya Arya’s Financial Division is composed of Managerial, Revenue and cost Accounting Departments which are responsible for monitoring the process of recording correct, timely and full registration of freight, THC and other relevant charges collections, settlement of pending costs and discrepancies, keeping proper record of any financial transactions and port disbursements in financial systems by overseas and internal agencies, Issuing delivery order accounts for exported and imported shipments and also organizing the financial and accounting affairs including the preparation and presentation of appropriate accounts, processing all cash transactions, maintain bank accounts and budgeting, Cash flow management and forecasting, Bank reconciliations, preparation of annual/semiannual financial
reports for the external users and all the beneficiaries and Organizing the receipt/ payment of applicable taxes and national insurance and providing management reports to assist managers in making key strategic decisions
Planning & Development Department
Customers Complaints & Forwarders & Agent’s Performance Section At Hafez Darya Arya we take pride in quality of services and meet customer’s needs with implementing process management, identification of all task’s processes and benefitting of modern marketing methods. Process management starts with focusing on customer’s needs and it ends with customers› utmost satisfaction through delivery of what we promise to our customers. However if for any reason you have any complaint about our level of services, please communicate with following contact details; we will contact you shortly.
About Us
Shipping Company, with having 24 ocean going vessels with a capacity of 91000 TEU which are managed and operated by 142 expert staffs, as well as many overseas offices and agencies all around the world, enables the company to provide a world-wide and diversified shipping and container services.
Enjoying a sovereign national fleet, HDAS Co. is proud for its capabilities to continue its services to Iranian exporters and importers even under the unfair sanctions and international pressures.
HDAS Co. along with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies can provide door to door services to and from Iran and all counterpart countries. To provide a very customer oriented service and to gain our clients’ satisfaction and trust, HDAS Co. has developed soft-wares enabling customers to get information about their containers automatically, in shortest time.