Thursday24 May 2018
Interactive Voice Response system
Delivering great customer experiences is about simplifying and streamlining our business processes to reduce customer effort throughout a call. Do not hesitate to call us, Our phone no is +98 23 84 2000.
Marketing and Customer Service Department
Tel: +9821 23843199
Fax: +9821 23843703
Operation And Capacity Managment Department
Tel: +9821 23843182
Fax: +9821 26100744

Container Operation Department
Tel: +9821 23843156
Fax: +9821 23843705
Financial Department
Tel: +982123842660
Fax: +982123843707
Planning & Development Department
Tel: +982123843246
Fax: +982126100748
Email:  (Customers Complaints)
   (Agents performance)
HDAS Lines Shipping Company
1) Respected customers can share with Company›s managing director their suggestions & criticisms or any point of view which pertains to our different sectors via following contact details:
Tel: +982123843136 Fax: +982123843701
2) All Company›s customers can directly follow their cargo(s) & or be in touch with various Company’s sectors via : 23842000